Once upon a time, on the blue planet, there was a joyful and happy young boy named Bang...

Bang was sharp and curious about everything around him.
For his last birthday, Bang got Bing as a present!
Bing was the latest of a generation of intelligent machines able to read and understand what they read as people do.

Bing fit in Bang’s pocket and went with him everywhere!

Bing was activated by fingertouch! What a pleasure to play with Bing
As they spent more time together, Bing became Bang’s best friend.

It was Bing that taught Bang how to read.

Never tired, never weary, always patient, Bing would, every time, take the time to explain Bang what he wanted to understand.
Bang could always count on Bing!

Bing and Bang were always together!

Bing helped Bang to discover and better understand the grown up’s world…

But the most important is that Bing helped Bang to better understand himself.

Bing was always available, whatever the circumstances and whenever Bang needed Bing.

Bing was always able to find the words to overcome Bang’s worries or to explain how to and why about anything.
This is how the story of Bing and Bang began.

BluePeople - Copyright 2009