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A new world is coming due to a paradigm shift.

CRN-ONU - 25 june 2009

At the heart of the history of mankind lay the mysteries of language and intelligence…Relying on new relations between human behaviors and environments, today, we are able to manufacture a machine able to read, and to understand what it reads, as people do.

The paradigm shift, coming along this breakthrough in the area of Automatic NLP (Natural Language Processing), brings an individual and collective opportunity for anyone to reconsider respectively his/her place and function in a more harmonious world.

The duty of each human being is to understand the part he/she has to play in relation to all living things, people, animals and plants, all united on this earth by the power of life.


Among all possible applications of this technology, education or more precisely self-education is, without a doubt, the one that deserves our care and should be the focus of our attention.

The goal is not to propose yet another machine to help two human beings to communicate. The goal is to narrow measurably the imbalance between the knowledge of oneself and the knowledge of the world. In other words, the goal is to offer, individually, a simple means to deepen one’s ability to learn and understand human knowledge.

Life science

Besides education, clinical data management either personal or collective, also represents very large stakes. It will increase the capacity of all people, animals and plants to live in better harmony, particularly for those who need assistance in the daily management of their personal data because they are afflicted by chronic diseases.


On the industrial front and while considering the links between services and economies, the use of a machine that reads and understands at the speed of light , with no distorsion, is a significant asset to increase the efficiency of all R&D departments across all industries.


Last but not least, the notions of the safety of people and goods, of liberty and of peace need to be, individually and collectively, revisited in favor of a more harmonious coexistence and a better balance in the distribution of earth’s wealth, for the good of all its inhabitants and without excluding any.

Brotherhood must remain the central value in the diversity of mankind, all accountable to each other and responsible to all that live.

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